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On to the golden years

Victor C. Gavino

BSc (Chemistry); MSc (Food Science); PhD (Physiological Chemistry)
Bachelor of Theology; Master of Divinity; Master of Sacred Theology
PhD candidate (Religious Studies)

This is the time of life when there is much to write about, much to look forward to from the perspective of decades of life experience.

About me: I see our world through the eyes of science and also through the lens of the Christian faith to which I hold. A chemist, a biochemist specialized in lipidology, I retired from full university professorship almost a decade ago. I am also a man of faith, shaped in the framework of Reformed Theology, ordained in the Ministry.

Once again a post-graduate student, I am currently working on a PhD at the School of Religious Studies under the direction of Professor Ian Henderson, and jointly with Professor Patricia Hewlin at Columbia University New York, formerly at the Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University.

My area is New Testament / Early Christianity and Leadership. It has been decades since I completed my first PhD in Physiological Chemistry. I pray that I will still have the ability and discipline to do well and to contribute significantly in this new field.

What I write arises from the confluence of all that I have been and all that I hope I will yet be.
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