XCC feast

Inaugural year of Quebec-XCC: October 28-31, 2021

It was an amazing 72 hours!

Quebec-XCC: It was an amazing 72 hours.

I believe it is correct to say that the character challenge weekend elicited as many different reactions as there were men who participated – both the trekkers and crew.

Listening to the testimonies at the conclusion of the event as well as in private conversations with a few, the weekend was cathartic for many. In general, the men were in circumstances that challenged them to confront their identity before God, their relationship with those they love, their bonds of unity with fellow men, believers in Christ. The hope and prayer is that the men will return to their own contexts, their own circles of influence, the churches they serve, and make a positive difference in the Name of Christ our Lord.

XCC stands for “Extreme Character Challenge.” The XCC is a component of “The4thMusketeer”, a Christian men’s movement that has already spread across several countries, transforming men’s lives for Christ.

Lord-willing, XCC-Quebec will be a yearly event.

Until next time in Quebec!

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