The decision to move to a new city, North Vancouver, is always bittersweet – we have learned this from having relocated a number of times across the globe and across North America.

After close to forty years, we left Montreal and headed West. We had been considering this move for some time, deciding whether to designate this place or that city as our home base from where we would travel to visit family. Ultimately, milder winters in North Vancouver compared to Montreal pushed us to finally opt for the West.

The Pacific Coast is beautiful country. Having always visited as tourists, we are gradually shifting to the mindset of residents. We really live here.

Burrard Inlet from Lighthouse Park

Moving to North Vancouver has been an amazing experience for us so far. One of our favorite spots is the Capilano River. The river winds its way down from the Capilano lake and runs beside our condo building.

  • Capilano River
  • Along the Capilano

The river flows westward and eventually empties into Burrard Inlet, a coastal inlet of the Pacific Ocean. It forms part of the southern border of the District of West Vancouver and flows into Burrard Inlet near the community of Ambleside, not far from the Lions Gate Bridge. This area is situated in the Greater Vancouver region, and the river’s outflow into Burrard Inlet marks the end of its course.

  • Burrard Inlet
  • Ambleside Beach
  • Lion's Gate Bridge

We are finding out that moving to North Vancouver is more than just relocating: it is also embracing a new lifestyle replete with breathtaking natural beauty, community warmth, and endless opportunities for exploration.

We are glad we are here.

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