Last season 2021-2022 I transferred mid-stream from local to an international Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) men’s group. The discussion group leader was located in Australia and the group members from all over the world, e.g., the USA, Australia, the UK, Tanzania, Indonesia, Nigeria and a few other countries. It was great to have studied and prayed with other men I would have never met were it not for online conferencing technology.

Looking back, BSF had begun experimenting with online connections a couple of years before the Covid outbreak. A group of us in Montreal joined an online group the first year BSF tried it, and before we had a local group. No one knew how providential this would be, that when the pandemic struck, BSF already had experience with the technology that allowed us to continue even if we couldn’t meet face to face.

This season 2022-2023, a combination of circumstances obliged me to transfer to another BSF online group. I am looking forward once more to meeting other men interested in studying the Bible systematically and consistently with a keen eye for application in the day to day. We will be going through 15 books in the Old Testament in a study entitled “Kingdom Divided.”

There are 19 men in our group, mostly from all over the USA, 2 from Australia. I am the lone Canadian. This is a full slate and the group is now closed. It seems that my former group is also at capacity.

There are many more international online groups that are still open. Check them out.


So gad you are in our discussion group this year Victor. I love your insights and sharing how God is working in our lives. God has went before us as you mentioned, who would of thought that men would be connecting all throughout the world virtually and that he arranged this prior to the Covid-19 lockdowns. We serve such an awesome God. Gold Bless you Victor

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