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Travel Adventures

We love to travel at every opportunity that comes our way, with tour groups sometimes, but on our own most of the time DIY-travel (do-it-yourself) style. We hope that with this travel blog you too will want to visit and explore the world we live in. Some of the entries in the table of contents…

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Leadership – models and issues

This will be a collection of essays, short anecdotes, reflections and book reviews on concepts of leadership from various sources spanning antiquity to the current era, covering both ideal and dysfunctional characteristics. List of essays Dysfunctional Leadership: Examples from AntiquityAn Overview of the Architecture of Social Entrepreneurial Organizations: Contact Points with the Christian Church CommunityMoses…

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The Lachine Rapids

I’ve lived in Montreal for 30+ years. All that time I have never visited the Lachine Rapids. A nice leisurely walk along the banks of the St-Laurence River was just the right tonic for body and soul.

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