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Into the golden years

A time of life when there remains much to look forward to from the perspective of decades of life experience.

Into the golden years

Living in Montreal

Montreal is a fascinating city. French is the lingua franca, and yet it is not uncommon to hear multiple languages spoken simultaneously in almost all public spaces. The nations have truly converged on this compact cosmopolitan city. “Living in Montreal” will be my take on why we live here.

The Laurentians

It is a Godsend to be able to retreat from the busy city for the quiet of the Laurentians. As exciting as Montreal might be, it is good to get away from the din to the tranquility of country living. We have a small cottage 100 km north of Montreal, nestled in a wooded area overlooking a small lake. Close by are multiple-use trails: hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing. “The Laurentians” will be about this lovely, peaceful and picturesque terrain.

Theology: Essays and Sermons

I have retired from ordained ministry. Nevertheless, my friends never fail to remind me that one never retires from ministry. It turns out they are correct. I continue to have the privilege of visiting various church congregations, of being asked to preach, and of initiating and facilitating Bible study groups. This will be a collection of theological essays and sermon texts that have been a joy to me to prepare.


Piano is one of my passions. I have been studying the classical repertoire since I began taking lessons at 12 years of age. I continue to look for excellent teachers anywhere I have lived – even today. “Piano” will reflect my continuing discovery of the great classics.

Christian Men’s Group

The Montreal Christian Men’s Group is now a satellite of the Toronto Men’s Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). We remain part of the world-wide movement, the Bible Study Fellowship International.


Lastly, “Roadtrips” is where I recount our travel adventures. Grace and I love discovering and enjoying new places – what better way to do this than leisurely driving from location to location. We also travel overseas once in a while and take to roads as opportunities arise. I collate photographs of places that impacted us the most on my website: